Tin Look Backsplash Panels

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Tin Look Backsplash Panels is a superb new product that offers the appearance of tin but is definitely plastic. This can be a very reasonably priced strategy to update the backsplash in any kitchen. The panels are thermoplastic and are available 18 X 24′ pieces. There may be a variety of colors and patterns which can be out there on the market. These nice panels are available Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Smoked Pewter. They range around $20.00 a sheet however it doesn’t take much to apply them. They work behind the stove as long as there is a 4-inch vary between the tile and the warmth source.

Tin Look Backsplash Panels

Tin Look Backsplash Panels may be utilized properly over old wallpaper and ceramic tile and solely takes just a few hours to accomplish. They will additionally with stand repeated washings so long as a harsh abrasive is just not used. Dish washing liquid ought to do the trick.

* Clear the surface and take away all grease.
* Remove all outlet covers
* Cover your countertops to guard them.
* Measure the area that you’re aiming to cover.
* Use a carpenter square and a marker to maintain your strains straight.
* Mark off your measurements on the back side of the backsplash.
* A utility knife or a superb pair of scissors can be utilized to chop this product.
* Determine the house where your retailers shall be and reduce the opening using the utility knife.
* Apply a generous quantity of construction adhesive about inches away from the sides of your sheet. You’ll be able to go to the top beneath your cabinets. Make a square field with an X within the center with the construction glue and apply your piece.
* Keep the good pressure on your piece to permit a great bond.
* You can buy sheets that stick properly to your light cover that you could cut in order that your gentle covers will match.
* There may be edge trim and inside nook trim that applies to the sides to get a nice finished look.

As a substitute of adhesive, you too can use double sided sticky tape if you’re an individual who likes to make adjustments often. This various solution will save your wall from all the glue and let you easily remove the tiles at any time. But if you need it to last over a protracted time period I recommend the glue.

This can be a quick reference on how to set up these Tin Look Backsplash Panels sheets however you’ll be amazed by how simple they are.